Mary Ann Johnson- Director

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Studio-C Mission and Vision

The mission of Studio C is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in using their passion and creativity in order to earn money through self employment.  They (along with members of the community) accomplish this by selling items they make on consignment in the Studio.  Items include crafts, home décor, gifts, and accessories, some of which are related to special occasions and holidays.  There is a focus on customizing pieces to meet the needs and artistic style of our customers.

Our vision is to establish interdependence between the people we serve and support, and our community.  Interdependence is about relationships, and makes practical sense out of the needs of people who have been distanced or ostracized from society, or their community.  Interdependence is about a reunion of these people with their community.  (Condeluci, 1998)  We experience difficulties establishing jobs in the community for the people we support, either due to their fears, or non-acceptance by employers.  Studio C is a place where the community can come to them in the marketplace.  Other aspects of our vision include:


  • Increasing the Social Capital of the people we support, and others in our community.  (Social Capital meaning the connections and relationships that develop around community and the value these relationships hold for the members.) (Condeluci, 2002) Social Capital is critical to a community because it:  allows citizens to resolve problems we all face more easily; greases the wheels that allow communities to advance smoothly; widens our awareness of the many ways we are linked – our commonality vs. our differences; lessens the tendency to fight or be aggressive; and increases our tolerance of people who are different from ourselves.


  • Increasing networking opportunities to: expand our business, expand the business of those who choose to utilize our shop for consignment sales; provide the potential for all involved to make friendships, and provide the potential for everyone to join others in their civic, social, and recreational activities.


  • Decreasing the expense of purchasing quality products so consumers can afford them in the state of our economy.  Quality, well-crafted, and beautiful items do not have to be too expensive.

These items and others, such as jewelry, candles, wreaths, flower arrangements, artwork, and crafts are sold on consignment in Studio-C. 

Marian (with the support of Rachel) has a passion for making crafts and selling them on consignment.

Marian (with the support of Rachel) has a passion for making crafts and selling them on consignment.