About Us

Whole Life Services is dedicated to providing quality supports to people with disabilities and their families. We provide these supports in community-integrated settings, in their homes, and in non-traditional facility- based services.

  • People need to develop an AWARENESS of their ability to exercise choice and their CONFIDENCE in their ability to make choices
  • People need to feel SATISFACTION and FULFILLMENT in their lives
  • People need SUPPORTS in their struggle to feel EMPOWERED

Available Service/Supports

  • Community Support Staff
  • Family Living
  • Residential Habilitation Aides
  • In-Home Support
  • Supported Living
  • Respite Care
  • Licensed Day Program
  • Community Employment
  • Job Coaching
  • Job Finding
  • Job Support
  • Self Employment
  • Therapeutic Pool
  • Transportation To Our Programs

“…Come to Whole Life where people enjoy everyday lives!”

The Values That Guide Whole Life Services, Inc.

We believe that human services should operate in congruence with a set of values about people they serve that are positive, clear, known and understood by both Board and Staff Members.

1. We believe that every person has the right to live in a home of his/
her choice and to have a role as a participating and accepted member
of our community. Whole Life’s job is to do whatever is necessary to
make that possible for individuals with developmental and cognitive
disabilities. We do not exclude or reject any person from our services
on the basis of type or extent of their disability or past history, unless
we feel we would not be able to meet their needs and give them
quality support. Each individual of Whole Life Services receives a
combination of types and amounts of services based on their needs.
These services are flexible and can be adjusted over time as needs
and preferences change.

2. All of us are capable of growth and development throughout life.
We believe that people learn most readily when they have the daily
opportunity to face challenges and experience the rewards of the
environment to which they are trying to adjust. Whole Life Service’s
role is to provide the type and level of support that individuals need
in order to engage in that learning process successfully within typical
community environments. Whole Life Services is not a transitional or a
readiness program. We do not see our purpose as moving the people
we serve along through rigidly defined stages of increasing integration,
autonomy or skill development. Instead, progress is measured in
terms of a person’s growing competence, control and confidence in
dealing with ordinary community setting and in terms of the increasing
sophistication of his/her natural support system. Success means
observable improvements in the quality of life experiences of the
people we serve.


3. We believe that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
(ID/DD) have a need, equal to that of any other citizen, to control their
own lives, to manage their own affairs, to make their own decisions. It
is our responsibility to help them gain more control and competence
with things in their lives that are meaningful to them. We can do
that by helping them to know and pursue their own choices, by
providing support for them when they experience problems or make
mistakes. Our person centered approach contrasts sharply with
other agencies whose primary goal is to make the people they serve
more self-sufficient by allowing professionals to identify deficiencies
and prescribe corrective services. Our approach, of course, carries
inherent risks, since many individuals have impaired judgment orcommunication,
and/or limited experience on which to base decisions.
We will have to struggle to develop ways to ensure that we provide
adequate levels of support and protection, determined on an individual
basis, without discouraging or infringing on the person’s sense of
autonomy and responsibility.

4. We believe that people with ID/DD have a need equal to that of any
other citizen to feel accepted within the community, to be valued for
their uniqueness and contributions, and to be able to participate in
interactions, activities and mutually supportive relationships with a
variety of people in a variety of environments. People with ID/DD
have a right to a lifestyle which is similar to that of “typical” citizens.
Whole Life Services will avoid or move away from practices that would
segregate or stigmatize the people we serve. Careful attention must
be given to the way we represent them, and our services, orally or in
writing, in order to enhance their status and to break down negative
perceptions. We have established community integration as a
responsibility and priority of Whole Life Services and have challenged
ourselves to develop competence at helping individuals form satisfying
personal relationships and engage in ordinary social and leisure-time
pursuits with non-disabled citizens.

5. We believe that family and friends are important resources for all of
us. The people serve are encouraged and supported to establish and
maintain good relationships with family and friends. Paid services are
never a substitute for or of greater importance than these relationships.

6. It is our desire to provide services that are suitable for the individuals,
one person at a time. Person Centered Planning will have “that person
only” in mind when development begins and during the process to
completion. Once the plan is developed “their” mold will be discarded
never to be used by another.


7. The Staff of Whole Life Services will maintain a teachable spirit and
remain open to the on-going process of change in our profession as
guided by leaders in our field.


History, Mission, & Vision

OUR HISTORY Whole Life Services was conceived in the year 2000.  The first day we provided services was September 4th, …

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Connie Schenker – President Kim Cione – Vice President/Recording Secretary Todd Sturgeon- Board Member Thomas O’Brien– Board Member …


Whole Life Services provides quality services to individuals to live the best everyday life. We provide “Person Centered” planning to develop the …

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